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7 Function Survival Tool


LED flashlight, signal mirror. Magnifying glass, compass. Thermometer, whistle. Storage compartment for water purifying tablets. For it's size and weight, it brings a lot to the 'Survival' table. It's always good to have a backup to every piece of equipment you have, and this backs up a lot of other tools.
Price: $9.95

GI Phosphorous Compass


This is the REAL DEAL! This is what our troops use. Do accept cheap Chinese imitations. This is Current US Military issue and it comes complete with nylon pouch. The ONE piece of your equipment you DON'T want to skimp on is THIS! Color: Olive Drab
Price: $114.95

RANGER BEADS  for Pace Count


Ranger Land Nav Pace Count Beads are a MUST for the beginner! Don't know how to use them? No Worries... Come to our Bug-Out Boot Camp and learn from the Ranger and SF Instructors!
Price: $14.95