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(Ryan seen here in Afghanistan)

Ryan Molton, Patriot Survival School, Chief Instructor

Ryan Molton was a Team Leader, Squad Leader and Reconnaissance Platoon Sergeant for the US Army’s premier light infantry Special Operations Unit, the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. In these leadership roles, he was responsible for the planning, coordinating and execution of numerous combat and clandestine operations. There he built a winning team of soldiers that far exceeded the Army's toughest standards.

During his over 8 years of service he has actively participated in (5) combat deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and (6) combat deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan. As team leader, Ryan excelled at missions including reconnaissance, target interdiction, airborne assaults, Air assault raids and other special operations missions. He also served as primary instructor at the Counter-Terrorism assault course.

He is a graduate of Cochise College in Arizona where he majored in military intelligence. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Airborne course, Ranger course, Warrior leader course, Source Operations course, Jumpmaster school, Evasive Driver course, Explosive Entry course and Integrated Operation Surveillance and Counter Surveillance course and is qualified as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Michael Broland, Operations Officer and Instructor at Patriot Survival School

Michael Broland always wanted to serve his country, so when he got the chance to join the US Army Rangers in 1980.. he jumped at it. After completing AIRBORNE and RANGER Schools, he served proudly with the 1st Ranger Bn '81-'85. As a combat veteran, he was part of the liberation of Grenada in 1983 and participated in of the the very few ‘Combat Jumps’ the US Army Airborne has done in the last 50 years. He has been doing his best to live by the values and principles found within the “RANGER CREED” for the vast majority of his adult life.

Michael has an inspiring style of training that just makes you want to do ‘better’. As the owner of his own training company, he has worked with hundreds of individuals, large companies and various municipalities training their Fire/EMS/Police Departments in various “BootCamp” style courses designed to improve the health, fitness and readiness of their personnel.

Michael is also passionate about his own continued improvement through personal growth. That is why, he attends personal growth seminars whenever possible. As a Patriot Survival School Instructor, his trainings focus on equipping his students with a “whatever it takes attitude” so that they will learn to ‘Think Outside the Box’ and navigate safely thru life's uncertain set of circumstances.

"As Operations Officer here at PSS, I strive to ensure that you get ‘GREAT VALUE’ for your investment in our course”. Says Michael Broland. “I am honored to work with the Patriot Survival School team of Professional Army Special Operations Personnel. Please, just let me know how our Patriot Survival School Staff can help to serve you better, and I’ll do my best to make it happen."

In his spare time, Michael is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys camping, hiking and downhill skiing and you will really enjoy the time you spend getting to know and learning from him.

Matt Glasscock, Instructor at Patriot Survival School

Matt Glasscock was raised on a ranch about thirty minutes northeast of Dallas, Texas. Growing up on the ranch Matt spent the majority of his time fishing the ponds, hunting for coyotes, and camping out on the creek banks. Influenced by his father he took a respectful interest in the survival techniques of the Native Americans. The study of these techniques enabled him to learn the skills needed to survive using primitive tools provided by nature. To further his knowledge of the outdoors Matt took full advantage of the programs and classes offered by his school. During his senior year he made the decision to follow his childhood dream and take the opportunity to serve his country.

Matt joined the U.S. Army in October of 2001 and set out to be an Army Ranger. He attended basic training at Ft Benning, Georgia as well as airborne school earning his jump wings. In June 2002 he graduated the Ranger Indoctrination Program and was awarded the tan beret. From there he was assigned to bravo company third Ranger battalion. Just two weeks after his arrival to his unit he was sent on his first of four combat deployments. During these four deployments, two to Afghanistan and two to Iraq, his specialized training and leadership skills were put to the test. As well as the combat experience he was also involved in countless live fire exercises and multiple fixed wing and rotary wing operations. He became an expert at most facets of physical security such as mounted and dismounted patrols, search and seizure, prisoner management, crowd control, raids and blocking positions. Matt was responsible for the capture, control, and security of several enemy POWs. While serving in the Rangers he gained an extensive knowledge on the assembly, disassembly as well how to perform maintenance on a wide variety of weapons systems. He is also trained in the use of ballistic explosive breaches, and is a qualified expert at the 300 meter range and CQB tables.

During his service in the military Matt was recognized for several meritorious acts. These acts included the identification of critical hidden weapons caches, an exceptional grasp of operations at the team and squad levels, and maintaining outstanding composure and a positive attitude while under heavy enemy fire. He has gone on and has successfully completed the Texas CHL instructor course in Austin Texas. These experiences throughout Matt’s life have given him a strong advantage in his civilian career. We are proud to have Matt added to our ranks as INSTRUCTOR at the Patriot Survival School. You will learn more than you can imagine from Matt, he is a GREAT INSTRUCTOR!

Dennis “Doc” Black, Founder of Patriot Survival School and Instructor

Growing up in rural Missouri, Doc Black spent most of his free time as a youth, honing his hunting, fishing and survival skills. He began his Martial Arts Studies at age 12. He entered the U.S. Army at age 18, and after Basic Training, he attended Airborne and Ranger Schools and served in Alpha Company, 75th Rangers at Ft. Hood, Texas. As a E-5, Sgt. Black served in the 2nd Infantry division in Korea as Instructor with the Spartan Training Team, teaching mountaineering, survival and repelling to American and Korean Infantry Soldiers. He was also captain and NCOIC of the U.S. Army Tae Kwon Do Team while in Korea.

He also served as a NCO with the 20th Special Forces Group (Green Beret) in Florida and later, was commissioned as a Officer with that Group. After his service there, he attended the U.S. Army Aviation School at Ft. Rucker, Al. where he graduated as an OH-58 Scout Pilot and went on to fly OH-58’s and Cobra Helicopters for the National Guard.

He is a graduate of Lake City Community College, Florida State University, Southern College of Medicine and Arkansas College of Natural Medicine. He is also the graduate of U.S. Army Airborne Course, Graduate U.S. Army Ranger Course, President and Graduate of his OCS Class, Graduate of Infantry Officers Basic Course, and Graduate U.S. Army Aviation School and he also received the Florida Army National Guard Distinguished Service Medal.

He is a father of 4 wonderful children and works as a Naturopathic Physician in Dallas, Texas. He has been teaching Self Defense and Survival Skills most of his life and is excited to share with you what he has learned when you attend the Patriot Survival School.

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