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Q & A With Patriot Survival School Founder, Doc Black

Why did you create the Patriot Survival School?

In this fast-paced world we live in, some of the basic self-reliance skills that humans used to take for granted like how to make a fire, which are edible and medicinal plants and which are not, how to trap and preserve food, land navigation and how to build a shelter, etc., have all but disappeared. And in these trying times when there's so much uncertainty with our government, the economy, terrorism, natural disasters, etc., many people are refocusing on learning survival skills, and rightly so.

Books are fine as reference manuals, but most people like to get their hands a little dirty and learn skills by “doing”…not reading. We started the Patriot Survival School so you could learn the skills from instructors that have spent a lifetime honing them. At the Patriot Survival School you'll learn from the best trained Military Instructors with hands on experience. We pack as much information into each day as we can during your time with us. At the Patriot Survival School, it really is OJT (on-the-job training). In our opinion, it the best way to learn… and the best way to teach.

Where did your interest in survival skills come from?

Honestly, I began learning at a very early age about hunting, trapping, fishing and survival skills from Charles Arington. He was a Master Outdoorsman, Hunting Guide, Survivalist and Marksman. He has passed now, but he still knew more about survival, hunting, shooting and outdoorsman-ship than any person I ever knew and I am proud to say that he was my uncle and mentor. RIP Uncle Charles.

What kind of special survival training have you taken?

After attending Ranger training and serving with the elite members of A Co. 75th Rangers, I learned self-reliance and became an expert in small arms and military tactics. Additionally, my training with the 20th Special Forces Group (Green Beret) taught me just how far a human being can push themselves. Training with these two groups has left a permanent mark on my person, character and my soul. With these two groups learned that I can survive almost anything, anywhere, anytime and I know that all of our instructors feel the same way and we want to pass that same feeling of Self-Reliance on to YOU!

What is your background outside of the Patriot Survival School?

I have an extensive background in Martial Arts and Boxing. I taught both of these subjects to thousands of students over a 30 year period. I also have a Commercial Pilot's License for Airplane and Helicopter and worked for many years as a Commercial Pilot. I graduated from Florida State University, Arkansas College of Natural Medicine and Southern College of Medicine… and I love to fish!

What does your family think of your running a survival school?

Actually, all of my family and friends think that the Patriot Survival School is a perfect fit for me with my background. I am an avid outdoorsman and sportsmen. Most of my friends and family come to me asking me what steps they can take to prepare for disasters and survival training. I suspect that should the need arise for real-world survival skills due to an economic disaster, my home will become a very popular place. And that's just fine with me.

Have you ever been in a non-class situation where you felt you had to rely on your survival training to stay alive?

Yes. Several times in the Military, but I really don't like to talk about those. Additionally, there have been several times, when on an outdoor trek, due to bad weather, I was forced to stay in the wilderness longer than planned and the survival skills that we teach at the Patriot Survival School served me well.

What do your students want to accomplish by attending your classes?

Most students are interested in learning skills that they might need to know in the future just in case something unforeseen happens. Remember the Boy Scout motto; Be Prepared. I think for many people it's kind of like that… They just want to be prepared “JUST IN CASE”.

Most students are interested in learning self-reliance skills. They take responsibility for their personal safety and the safety of their families. Look, let’s not kid ourselves, the U.S. economy is horrible and it's not getting any better and there's a lot of instability and uncertainty in the world. Now is a good time to learn survival skills while you still have time to prepare for whatever is ahead for all of us. Remember: Survival Skills are like insurance, you have to have them before you need them.

What do you want your students to accomplish by attending your school?

I take great pride in seeing the satisfaction on their faces when they realize that they really can be self-reliant in the wilderness and in survival situations. To see the pride they have in themselves after they learned techniques is very satisfying. They leave our course with self-confidence in their abilities and they know whether they needed or not, they'll be able to live in the woods or even campout comfortably and be prepared at home in any emergency situation.

Who typically signs up for these classes?

They are men and women, young and old, and they come from every walk of life: professionals, students, mechanics, homemakers, blue-collar workers… They really don't fall into one particular type of person. The one thing they all do have is a desire to learn self-reliant skills.

What do you envision as the future for the Patriot Survival School?

Our goal is to take the intimidating subjects of survival and preparedness, and to present them to the civilian public in such a way that makes them affordable, available and understandable to everyone. Our goal is to give every student an incredible education that they can take with them and use for the rest of their life. We teach real skills and don't embellish anything to sensationalize “preparedness or survival” for the sake of money. We teach you exactly what you need to know with none of the fluff. We don't try to instill fear in our students; instead our goal is to make them self-reliant and self-confident about their abilities to handle survival or disaster situations.

Any new developments for your school in 2013?

While our goal is to provide the most excellent training available in the North Texas area to civilians who really want survival and preparedness training, we also plan later in 2013 to “take the show on the road” and teach the course in other areas of the country. Stay tuned to www.patriot survival for more details on classes in other parts of the USA.

How many schools are there in the U.S. like yours? Who are your competitors?

There are several survival schools around the United States, we don't consider them competitors, we consider them fellow educators and try to support them in every way we can. There are several good instructors and good courses around the country but when you're talking about survival and preparedness training, for most people, I think proximity to the course is one of the main factors in deciding which course to attend. To that end, our goal is to service the fine people of North Texas and southern Oklahoma with quality survival and preparedness training.

What are your students typically nervous about the first time out?

Because all of our instructors are U.S. Army Rangers and Green Beret personnel, many students fear that we are going to put them through some physically rigorous training comparable to the training that we went through. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We expect that every student is a novice and we help to motivate them and educate them so that their self-confidence and self-reliance grows with each course they attend. All of our instructors are dedicated to making sure that the student successfully grasps every skill so that they can use it, should the need arise. No PT is required…we are not Drill Sergeants … we are instructors, first and foremost.

Some students ask if they will have to kill animals or eat bugs and the short answer is “NO”. Meals are provided with the course, so no eating of bugs is required. Trapping and preparing meals in a wilderness situation is sometimes going to be necessary, and you should learn those skills. We do teach that.

What are the real dangers in attending one of your multi-day Classes?

None really, although I suppose there is the possibility that if you don't pay attention you could cut yourself with a knife, but short of that, we try to keep all of our students safe, secure and well fed.

Are your classes designed for just men, or should women be interested?

Not only are women welcome at our school, they are a big part of the school. A lot of times, couples sign up together with the thought that if they are in need of prepping and survival skills, they really need to be able to rely on the person who's their partner in life because they been to the same training that you have received. Additionally, if your life partner takes the course with you, you have someone to talk with and compare notes with. There's really no difference between men and women students except that often women tend to do better. Men sometimes attend thinking “oh, I already know that”…. And women seem to listen and pay attention more because for most of them, this is a first time experience.

What type of physical shape should someone be in before taking your Bug-Out Boot Camp Class?

You don't have to be in any specific physical condition - there's no strenuous hiking or physical activity involved in our BUG-OUT BOOT CAMP Level 1, except for the Escape and Evasion part of the class, and participation in that is voluntary. We really focus on learning skills more than creating some physically challenging course. If you do have some strength and are in moderately good condition, you'll have no problems with this course. But someone's physical condition should never be a barrier to achieving all of the skills we offer through the school.

Will you accept students with health issues?

So long as they are under a doctor's care and their specific health condition is under control, they are welcome at the Patriot Survival School. Of course, we will ask for documentation from a health practitioner that approves them for our school activities before they can be registered for a class. For severe cases, or for students with specific disabilities, we can certainly still teach that student, but it might have to be on a one-on-one situation. Call us about private instruction.

Will you ever deny a student admission to a School program? What conditions?

Yes. If we see right from the start that the student is difficult or will interfere with the ability of other students to learn, I'll suggest a private class. If they do not want to take advantage of that option, we may deny their ability to register for group classes. We have to protect all of our student's abilities to learn in class. Participation in Tactical Warrior and Advanced Scout Courses, are by invitation only.

How do you accommodate a student with special eating or nutritional needs?

Quality nutritious meals are provided on Saturday and Sunday morning. Students are also welcome to bring their own food if they have special circumstances. We'll always work with the student for the best possible nutritional outcome for the time they spend in our classes. If someone has special needs, they should contact us with questions about that before enrolling in our course. Remember, in a survival situation you may have to eat things that you normally wouldn't.

Will students have to eat plants or bugs?

No. YUK… who wants to eat bugs? MEALS are provided… remember?

Will students have to kill and eat animals in any of your Classes?

Not in Bug-Out Boot Camp level I, however we will teach how to respectfully kill and eat animals as that might be necessary for your survival. It is always the student's choice as to whether they use the skills that we teach in any given class. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to process animals so that they may be eaten in survival situations.

Talk about the comfort level provided to students for multi-day Classes?

In Bug-Out Boot Camp level I, it won't be much different than a regular family camping trip. Some students will sleep in the barracks while others will be sleeping in their own tents. Showers and bathroom facilities are available to all students. All meals will be served in the Main Dining Hall. You may bring snacks, comfort items, chairs, blankets and pillows… However, we would hope that you would keep these items to a minimum as you are learning how to survive in the wilderness. This class is about learning and is not a test. We are teaching you how to go into the wilderness and survive with the bare minimum of gear. You should be as comfortable during this course as if you were taking your family camping.

In subsequent courses you will be living in makeshift shelters that you built. How well you build the shelters and how comfortable you are depends largely and how well you pay attention in level I. PAY ATTENTION… and SLEEP IN CLASS AT YOUR OWN PERIL

Do you ever cancel any school functions because of bad weather?

Never, ever, ever. You can’t choose what day you're going to need your survival skills. However, in level I, if there is extremely inclement weather we may move part of the course indoors. We want you to be comfortable while you're learning these extremely important skills.

Do you offer any discounts to any of your programs?

We do offer discounts for people who sign up for the course together, such as friends or family members. We also offer discount coupons for referrals. For more information about this, sign up for our e-mail newsletter on this website or call us.

How do your students typically use the skill s they gain at your School?

Some of our students take the skills home and teach their friends and family. Teaching how to make fires or trap with snares is really fascinating and fun way to interact with your kids and grandkids while teaching them skills they can use for the rest of their lives. Some of our students take these courses just to be prepared in a worst-case scenario, while others take classes because they're going on a mission trip or traveling overseas to a foreign country and just want to be prepared “IN CASE”.

What is the typical reaction of someone after they have attended your Bug-Out Boot Camp Class?

It is very easy to see the pride they have in themselves when they learn these basic skills. They are clearly more self-reliant and confident. We jokingly tell them that after this basic series of classes they are going to want to go get “lost in the woods” just so they can use the skills. At the end of the class, they all agree. They have achieved skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

How can the average person use what you can offer to feel safer at home?

No it doesn't matter where your emergency situation occurs; your basic needs are always the same. You will always need shelter, water, food and fire, no matter what. In a wilderness situation, you may have to provide all of those things for yourself. And we teach you how to do that. But if you're at home, you most likely already have a shelter…. So what you really need are water food and heat. We teach you all of those skills and much, much, more in our Bug-Out Boot Camp series. One of the most important things that we teach you in this course is how to have a “Survivor Mentality”.

Remember Murphy's Law, things that can go wrong… will go wrong. We teach you how to analyze, decide on a course of action, and to act… And then to re-analyze to see if you're getting the desired result…. And if not, to improvise, adapt and overcome.

Why should the average person feel compelled to prepare in this way for something that most likely won't happen?

Remember, survival training is like insurance… You have to have it before you need it. It's far better to take some of your time and money now and prepare for any survival or emergency situation, then it is to be caught off guard and suffer or die in an extreme situation.

By taking our courses, you'll have the self-confidence to know that you can help not only yourself but also your family and friends in times of stress, and you won't have to wait helplessly a bad situation and wait for the government or other people to come to the aid of you and your family. That my friend is peace of mind…. And you can't put a price on that.

Are there any people who should NOT take your classes?

The only person who should avoid our classes are those people who think they know everything and aren't teachable. Everyone else should be able to benefit dramatically from the training that our elite military instructors are dedicated to giving them. We take your success as personally as we do our own.

What are the reactions of students after they complete the class regarding what surprised them the most?

They wonder if implementing this information is really “doable” by an average person. Most people think it will be very difficult, and it's not. Our instructors make learning easy and fun; it is not a physical-based course. Although being in good shape is ideal, it's not necessary. I think most people are surprised as to how much they can really do for themselves at home or in the wilderness. They really gain total confidence that they can be self-reliant for themselves and their families in any emergency. That's very exciting for us- to be able to share this gift of preparedness for anything. If you have questions that we didn't answer here feel free to call us at 214-704-3432 and you will be able to talk to one of our instructors directly.

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