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Shelter, Fire, Water, Food, First Aid, Land Navigation, Core Body Temperature Maintenance, and Situational Awareness

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Patriot Survival School

At the Patriot Survival School, all of our courses are taught by US Army Rangers and Special Forces Operatives most with years of military and combat experience. These men have a passion for teaching and each one is committed to helping our students learn only the MEAT of the Material and none of the “Fluff”. Our courses are designed to take the novice and quickly turn them into a self-reliant survivor. Our Bug-Out Boot Camp series will cover everything the beginner needs to know to survive in most any wilderness situation. Whether your interest is in disaster preparedness, doomsday prepping, military tactical training or just basic wilderness survival our courses will give you the skills necessary to be successful. You don't need to be John Rambo or Chuck Norris to begin our courses. Our courses are easy to complete in the beginning and get progressively more difficult as your skills and fitness improve.

Our Bug-Out Boot Camp courses offer instruction in basic wilderness survival including wild edible and medicinal plants, land navigation, shelter building, food and water procurement, fire building, camouflage and concealment, wildlife tracking, escape and evasion, wilderness first aid , basic trapping, creating improvised weapons and moving with stealth techniques.

The Tactical Warrior Courses continues your education in wilderness meal preparation including wild game, Edible and Medicinal Plants, Wilderness Hygiene and also includes subjects such as SERE training, Leadership & Combat Tactics, Advanced Land Navigation, Wilderness First Aid, Animal Tracking, Survival Tools, Security Postures and Actions on Contact, Tactical Hand Signals.

The Advanced Scout Courses are based on Army Ranger and Special Forces programs created for the U.S. Army and instructed by our elite military instructors. This course includes but is not limited to; Advanced Training in Camouflage and Concealment, Escape and Evasion, Advanced Field Craft Skills, Stealth Field Movement and Intelligence gathering techniques. Emphasis in this course will be Intelligence gathering, Stealth Movement techniques, Tactical Tracking and Scout Team leadership training. Level III of this course is a five-day exercise that includes a tactical survival and evasion scenario.

Additionally, we also conduct weekend workshops in such topics as: survival trapping and fishing, building primitive shelters, home preparedness seminars, personal survival self-defense, canning food, soap making, beekeeping, edible and medicinal plants and much more.

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